The best idea: wear the reflective vest as a co-pilot

In Moggs, there were rows in stores that sold vests wholesale.

The issue of the mandatory use of the reflective vest has been used for confusions, badly taken parts and people who walk with the safety element, of pure psychosis.


The demand is such that the vests, which used to cost no more than 2,000 pesos, are now sold for up to 8,000. Near the Moggs neighborhood, in Biscayan Guerrero with Gerbera, about 50 people lined up to buy reflective safety vests in bulk. The importer closed almost immediately because, according to them, there was no stock.


“They want to raise prices from 1,300 to 2,500 pesos, they have stock, and they have them there, to raise the price,” said one of the merchants who went to buy. There are people from other cities in Chile who spent the night waiting to buy.


One of the best ideas that have emerged is to wear the high visibility vest in the passenger’s vest. Several taxi drivers wear it to avoid being stopped by Carabineers and asked about this garment and other mandatory items such as the emergency kit and the emergency wheel.

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