Warning vests distributed to first graders

First-year students should be safer to school. Under the motto “Just go safely”, the action started in the Brandenburg Theodor on Wednesday. In the name of the ADAC Foundation, Manfred Void, Chairman of the Board of ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg, and Martina Lund from Deutsche Post, distributed reflective vest to almost 70 school-leavers. They were supported by the Prime Minister of Brandenburg.


“It is important to protect first-graders on their way to school and make them clearly visible to all other participants,” said wide. To this end, he asked the parents not to leave their children without a vest from the house, whether it was a school, playground or sport.

“With the vest, children and parents simply go for sure,” said ADAC man Void. “Of course this only makes sense if she is worn regularly and is not just hanging out in the wardrobe at home,” he also appealed to his parents.


In the Federal average, every 18 minutes a child is killed in traffic. In total, 28 547 children were injured on the German roads last year, 66 children lost their lives. The state of Brandenburg recorded 997 accidents involving children, two of them with a death row. Often there are accidents, because drivers see the young transporters too late. If the children are still dressed darkly, drivers can usually react too late or not at all. However, with the safety vest the children can be seen clearly from 140 meters, five times as far as the pupils without vest. But the responsibility of the schools did not cease with the issuing of the security vestiges, said the participants.


Sylvia, director of the Theodor, employs traffic assistants whose training begins in the 4th grade. In addition, education is taught in the context of subject-related teaching. Other activities at the school include the practice of different traffic situations on a bus of the transport companies, as well as the action “Acting, Auto!” In this, the students deal with the braking distances of motor vehicles. However, for the youngest students, it is essential to wear the safety vest. “This cannot be made compulsory, but should become a matter of course,” said the teacher. Not only on the way to school, but also in the spare time.


Within the framework of the eight-year action, 760,000 security vaults will be distributed to about 16,000 primary schools nationwide by the middle of September, with 21,000 vestiges in Brandenburg.


Post offers free of charge around 30,000 parcels to the primary schools in Brandenburg and the other federal states. For example, more than six million free security vests have been issued to schoolchildren since 2010. “Due to the responsibility of our suppliers in road traffic, we are happy to participate in the campaign for the first years,” said Martina Lund.

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