New reflective uniforms for municipal workers

Cascaras municipal workers of works, services and MSW unveil reflective uniforms.

With the new clothes the City Council renews and homogenizes the uniformity of all the workers who carry out their work in the street.


From the Personnel area, the opinions of the workers have been taken into account when choosing the new uniforms that are adapted to the requirements of each job and whose acquisition has been coordinated by the Trade Union Committee. Each worker has received a team of two garments composed of trousers, shirt or polo, jersey, thermal jacket, boots, and special water suit by reflective fabric in the case of road cleaning and garbage collection (RSU). The deputy mayor of staff, Juan Luis, explained that with these new clothes, the City Council has sought to renew and improve the uniformity of the workforce that perform their work in the street, thus enabling municipal services Are provided with the best possible conditions. On that occasion we opted for more standardized colors such as blue combined with fluorescent yellow, optimizing the visibility of the operators with the incorporation of retro-reflective bands on the garments. And adapting to all safety measures, for which has taken into account the requirements of each job as in the case of electricians, whose clothing is also antistatic and fireproof.


The City Council has allocated a € 12,500 item to the purchase of this first batch of uniforms for the 46 workers in the fixed workforce, services, drivers and MSW. Some employees have received more than two garments for the functions they perform in their positions, as in the case of painters or bus drivers, who also perform other services. In addition, the Department of Personnel will allocate another item close to 5,000 Euros for summer uniforms, two other clothing for each worker composed of trousers, polo or short sleeve shirt and jacket with reflective tape, and whose delivery is expected in the coming months.

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