Policeman on four paws

police dog

It represents volatile prisoners in safety vest and find missing women: police dog Jaro is worth the Ausserrhoden Canton Police Gold. So she sets out the serendipity of Snufflenose advantage.
Jaro is excited. His black ears are pricked, the pink tongue hanging out of his mouth, and he trembles all over. “He cannot do wait to get to work,” says its owner, police officer Daniel Schwarz.
Jaro is one of four dogs of the small scale of Ausserrhoden Canton police – and particularly talented. A year ago, the four-year male has passed the service dog test. Shortly after, he had his first appearance. His master gave him a sock that belonged to a missing woman from Herisau. “Search the person!”, Ordered Daniel Schwarz. The dog sniffed at the sock and immediately took on the weather. On place where the missing 23-year-old had been seen for the last time the policeman sent him going on a ten-meter line. The dog shot like an arrow of the fittest policeman chasing him. After two and a half kilometers the invisible scent trail led the dog on a playground. In a game machine Jaro stopped. Behind crouched the missing woman. She was unhurt, but in poor health. Since Jaro had first asked his sensitivity to the test.
When a person goes missing or is on the run, police dogs can contact her fine nose a scent. In just one year Jaro has contributed in four cases to success. “This is an unusually large amount,” said Daniel Schwarz, an experienced dog handler, who is also active as an examiner. H’Jaro he only called Jaro, is his eighth dog. In puppyhood he came to him. The two are together around the clock. Previously worked for the 58-year-old German shepherd dogs, but suffered from health problems. Even a Jack Russell, he has been trained as a police dog. Jaro is a Malinois, a Belgian shepherd dog breed that is known for its concentrated energy. There are robust animals that are popular because of their work will. As pure family dogs they are not ideal because they need intensive employment. “A Bernese Mountain Dog would be unsuitable for our work,” says Beat Sprenger, head of the Security Police of the Canton police Appenzell Outer Rhodes. “A police dog must have a certain sharpness.”
Dog in helicopter
Today working in Switzerland 578 dogs for the police. They sniff out culprits tracks, intoxicants, corpses and explosives. And they pursue fugitive. Even free from fear of flying they must be why Daniel Black has already made a helicopter flight with Jaro. “That was him rather unpleasant.” Every Tuesday train four Ausserrhoden policemen with their dogs, often in demolished houses. Recently they met on the Werkhof the municipality Herisau and rehearsed emergency.
When Daniel Black opens his trunk, Jaro lobs addition to a set. Immoderately the dog jumps up at his master and licks his face. “No, Jaro┬╗ says this quietly, but firmly, whereupon the dog obediently crouches at his feet and whines.
First Exercise: The “trailing”, ie that of a man, of which there is an odor sample tracking. A colleague is black for his car keys, runs away and hides. The policeman put the car keys in a plastic bag. He pulls the dog on a yellow safety vest and gives him a reward already something from Spreads Le Parfait. For Jaro a signal: Here we go. “It is important to this process comply with always the same,” explains the handler. He takes Jaro between his legs and inside out to him the plastic bag containing the car keys on the snout. Jaro sniffs like a man possessed. “Search the person!” At this command toward the dog runs across the road and follow the scent, without being distracted by noise, people or other animals. The children who come to meet him, he is not interested. Purposefully he leaves the road and racing up a forest embankment. When a tree he stops. Behind the wanted man hides. As a reward, Daniel Schwarz raises the dog a toy made of rubber. That works well in case of emergency. Start year police dog was during a house search in Waldstatt here. The policemen fell on the nearby edge of the forest on a man who fled immediately. Daniel Black sat Jaro on him. The Malinois followed the trail up to a farm, but the man was not a trace. “We should still search the hay,” Black, an intuitive inspiration decided following. Before a haystack Jaro started barking until out of the hay sticking out from a pair of hands. So the police could arrest a 19 year old, who had tendered for robbery. In addition, Black set with Jaro recently in the forest a convict who had escaped from a prison. Such achievements are possible only because the policeman in reflective vest practices a day with his dog.
220 million smell cells
Dogs have a sense of smell, which is that of man far superior. You can perceive a scent mixture with all ingredients and store in the brain. While man has five million olfactory cells, a shepherd comes to over 220 million. It is sufficient to remove a cotton swab on the skin of a person and it should hold police dog Jaro. It will track the person very likely. Black runs her hand over the door handle of his car. “Even the scent trail on this handle, he can smell,” he says. Suppose a man rises after an accident of the car and runs in shock them. “I can show the dog the scent trail on the door handle and send him on a quest.”
The scooter of Ylenia
The police dog is searching after objects, which adheres a fresh human odor. Thus, hidden or lost evidence found and secured. With Turbo, the predecessor of dog Jaro, Police Officer Black worked with the case Ylenia, who held the country in 2007 in breathing. The police colleagues had already searched the woods, and Black had no great hopes more. Nevertheless, he sent his dog go. The pointed him barking on a metal object towards sticking out of the bushes. It was Ylenias scooter.
Successful police dogs actions are the result of years of experience, discipline and a sensitive interplay of humans and animals. “The point is to read the dog,” says Black, who already had a child a sense of dogs, like his father. Police dog handlers are with idealism in action. They are compensated for one afternoon a week, but must train in their spare time with the animal. Military Drill is misplaced. Black always has a tube Le Parfait and toys for his four-legged friend with him. For the dog each insert is to be a game, a reason for joy. Black finished every workout so that it is positive for the dog.
Dog attacked bill offender
In Herisauer Werkhof Jaro have to practice how to put a criminal by biting. A policeman makes apparent perpetrators. He steps into the parking lot, the arm protected by a rail. “Kill,” says Black. 32 kilo dog pounce on the man. This swinging a stick, as if to strike. The dog bites. And loosens the pine until he gets the appropriate command. Black is satisfied. He knows: With danger Jaro can protect him. If he has to drive at night a stranger to the police station, “I am glad that I have the dog with us.” He hopes that the quadruped remains far from fit. Black is on the phone photos of his two year old daughter who rides on Jaro. After hours of four-legged expert on drugs and manhunt is for a family dog with reflective tape.

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