Which accessories motorists now need abroad

reflective vest

First aid kit, warning triangle and safety vest must every motorist in Germany carry with them. For trips abroad which can also be too little. In many places extra safety vests, fire extinguishers or even replacement lamps are required.
With the summer holidays many families break on vacation Now find your personal dream vacation! on. When transport millions German opt for the host vehicle. But who is planning his trip abroad, should be aware that there are also different standards in different countries.
While there is enough in Germany completely out to have a first aid kit, a warning triangle and a safety vest here, but this does not apply to other European countries. Something missing, face fines. The global Zurich Insurance has listed in a message what where in the car should not be ignored:
Additional safety vests:
Anyone for a holiday trip to France Go to Amazon for more product information !, Italy Go to Amazon for more product information !, Luxembourg or even to Eastern Europe decides needs to know: here is not only the carriage of a high visibility reflective vest compulsory. For each driver on board your own vest must be present.
Fire extinguisher:
Both in Greece, Turkey and the Baltic States extinguishers shall be an integral part of every car. Fire extinguishers are required for trips to Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Poland and Sweden.
Replacement bulbs for headlights:
For car trips in Italy, France Go to Amazon for more product information! or Spain is to carry a spare bulb sets for front and rear headlights strongly recommended. In Croatia and Slovakia it is compulsory.
Second warning triangle:
For Turkey, always a second warning triangle with reflective tape thereby have. In Croatia and Slovenia this applies only to hand drivers, such as for cars with caravans hangers.
Breathalyzer in France no longer mandatory:
Launched in July of last year requirement to carry a breathalyzer on French roads in the car, has now been canceled. Mainly because of the inaccuracies of the tester, the duty was not even taken back a year after launch again.

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