Holidays: Stress Free with children in the car on the road

reflective vest

In holiday luggage a few things can be stowed away, beside the safety vest, the itinerary can be individually designed and a few additional stops can be folded inward. Start is at the front door and the end of the holiday. Not to forget: the mobility! This is undoubtedly a valuable advantage, especially when the family is on the go during the holidays with children. For a successful holiday without stress some preparations must be made. The car insurance should include a foreign Damage Police and facilitate international travel insurance cover the costs for necessary medical treatment. Long journeys are less strenuous perceived by the infant when the ‘cabin baggage’ was carefully compiled. So is a relaxing holiday nothing in the way!
Conclude international damage insurance. It regulates in connection with the motor vehicle liability insurance to persons and property on site at the rate applied in Germany conditions and in particular helps to involuntary accidents in countries where the insurance benefits are lower.
Check whether an additional private travel insurance in the destination country is useful, even though the public insurance are automatically insured in all countries of the European Union. The usual treatment is limited to emergency care, and if the insurance card is not accepted, an advance payment is due. Privately insured must advance the services used in the rule. When taking out private travel insurance this support when choosing a doctor or hospital, confirms the assumption of costs via the emergency services also continuous, so no prepayment must be made, and takes necessary repatriation.
Behavior in an accident abroad
Plug been home to through the website of the General Association of German Insurers (GDV) accident report available in the glove compartment. This Europe-wide document is available in eleven European languages ​​and it is helpful to record the course of events seamlessly and to detect the identity of the parties. Photo evidence is also useful. Have ready the emergency numbers?
When leaving the vehicle, you should wear a reflective vest; otherwise often a penalty must be paid abroad. Moreover, it is in some countries required to, a country-specific sticker on the car.
In any case the police should be called. Afford, when the content of the document is only signatures clear and understandable. If you are unsure what to use the mentioned accident report of the GDV.
The auto-check: Technical Review and Features
Ideally, the envisaged date for review is shortly before the holiday is. Check the lighting system and the tires for wear and tread depth. Maximum inflated tires compensate for the higher weight load. Sufficient amounts of cooling water, brake fluid and oil as well as a functioning battery, you can keep on the track in front of an unwanted stop. In the trunk of the warning triangle, the vest with reflective tape and first aid kit should (check for expired ingredients!) Be easily accessible. Especially during the summer holidays makes a sunscreen, even on the sides and rear wheels, good service.
Route Planning: Route, breaks, Entertainment
To avoid that gets lost of fun while driving at the beginning of the holiday, it is worthwhile to consider some recommendations. To avoid traffic jams and unbearable temperatures in the car during the summer holidays, to departure times are on in the early morning or at night. Often have to deal with only small detours busy roads and traffic jams. Legere clothing ensures comfort. Sufficient breaks to feet-Represented do the children and the driver well: Every two hours for about 15 minutes are considered reasonable guideline. Lying service areas with a playground on the way, the break may like to be a little more extensive. On the Internet you can find information about amenities staging posts.
A lunch box with easily digestible treats, fruit and vegetables in handy portions and enough drinks provide sustenance. “Analog” guessing games involving all other passengers, for example, the unraveling of the passing car registration, shorten the time as well as books and consumer electronics. do not forget headphones and charged batteries! Children, which during the drive tends to be poor, should not read in the car. As a precaution, a barf bag around, radio plays for deflecting and wet towels to ease the situation. Persistent discomfort can often be treated with tablets. These should therefore be included in the kit.


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