7 useful holiday gadgets

Hotels, guesthouses, and accommodation facilities are open again. If everything goes according to plan, there are many indications that this summer we will be able to afford a long vacation away from home. Especially children who have been hit by the lockdown reality should enjoy the prospect of going to another place with their parents. Only you have to bear in mind security considerations.


Apart from compliance with the generally applicable rules of the sanitary regime, it should be remembered that a vacation with a child in all circumstances carries the same risks. A toddler may get lost, become involved in a road accident, or suffer health damage due to prolonged exposure to the sun. These are just a few of the many things that can happen on a family vacation.

The risk related to the most common dangers for children during the holidays can be minimized by taking useful products with you, designed with the safety of the youngest in mind. We present 7 gadgets for a toddler, which should be a must in every family’s travel bag, regardless of whether it is going on a longer vacation or a shorter trip.


Identification band

Losing a child on vacation is perhaps the worst nightmare of parents. The identification band placed on the toddler’s hand will give the caregivers more confidence that the child will come back to them quickly. You can put the name of the child on the armband, as well as the contact phone number for the parents, as well as medical information (e.g. allergies, blood type, chronic diseases), which will be useful if the child needs help.


Watch with GPS

This is a more expensive gadget, but it makes it even easier for parents to find a child they lost sight of on vacation. Smartwatches, the so-called smartwatches have a built-in GPS transmitter. It will allow you to track the child and quickly locate the child if the toddler gets lost. Paired with the watch, the application on the parent’s phone will show the exact whereabouts of the little smartwatch user.


Reflective elements

Regardless of whether we are organizing a family vacation or sending children to summer camps, we should make sure that children are always safe and visible on the road. To prevent unfortunate accidents, it is worth packing reflective gadgets in the suitcase, which increase the visibility of the child carrying them for car drivers. We can choose from reflective pendants with reflective tape, stickers, caps, and finally vests.


Tick ​​repeller

The season for ticks is in full swing in the summer. Their bite poses a great threat to the health of a child, as these parasites are the carriers of many diseases such as Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis. Repellants are an effective method of protection against tick attacks. On a trip, it is worth taking a tube of skin cream, a spray with a spray for clothes, or an ultrasonic keyring with you.



An indispensable gadget for sunny days. Children’s eyes are particularly exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. To protect their eyesight, little ones should wear sunglasses. Protective lenses must be equipped with a UVA and UVB filter. In addition, sunglasses should be anatomically shaped and resistant to impacts and abrasions.


Cream with a UV filter

UV radiation is also a great threat to the sensitive skin of a child. It leads to sunburn, can cause erythema and heat stroke, and increases the risk of skin cancer with repeated exposure. Therefore, if our holiday falls on a period in which children will spend a lot of time in the full sun, a cream with a mineral UV filter must be an essential element of travel equipment.


Tent with a mosquito net

The perfect shelter for your little one on the beach or in the woods. A functional holiday tent will protect your child from sand or wind. If it is equipped with a UV filter, it will also prevent sunburn. It is good if a holiday tent for a child has a built-in mosquito net. This mesh curtain will protect the little resident of the asylum from mosquitoes, flies, and other insects.

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