The driver’s actions when the inspector asks to show the reflective vest

Legislation, including in the automotive field, is constantly changing, and therefore it is often difficult for motorists to keep track of whether the inspector has the right to demand this or that. For example, recently traffic police officers began to check the presence of a fire extinguisher, a reflective vest, as well as a trunk. How to act in this case, not everyone knows.

Reflective vest. By law, every driver must have a reflective vest in his car to put it on at the right time. The requirement states that it is impossible to leave the interior of the vehicle without a vest, regardless of the locality.

Unscrupulous traffic police officers usually try to fine car owners for not wearing a vest, and in the daytime. In this case, you need to agree to a fine, but ask that the exact reason be indicated in the act – the absence of a reflective vest. An employee of the road service will not be able to do this, because he can only fine the driver who got out of the car without a vest at night.

Serviceable fire extinguisher. Every motorist knows that there must be a fire extinguisher in the cabin, but the traffic police check not only the presence of one but also the expiration date. It is known that a fire extinguisher remains in good order only for two years, and then requires replacement.

The requirement to replace one on the part of the traffic police officer is completely legal, and the driver should protect himself by immediately following the instructions. If you do not irritate the traffic police officer with your behavior, you can completely agree on a verbal warning instead of a fine of 500 rubles.

“Inspection” of the trunk. On the Internet, you can often find cases when motorists are outraged by the inspection of the trunk by traffic police officers. Many consider such actions illegal and inappropriate to the duties of a road worker, but in reality, it is not.

The traffic police inspector can simply use the orientation received, including orally. For example, a trunk search is necessary to verify the markings that motorists usually never saw in it. However, one cannot refuse to fulfill the requirement, otherwise, the owner will face punishment in the form of imprisonment for 15 days.

The bottom line. Many motorists are outraged by the demands of traffic police, who are increasingly checking the presence of fire extinguishers in the cabin or inspecting the trunk. Nevertheless, many of them really have legal grounds, and therefore it is necessary to follow what the employee of the road service says, but on our part, too, to know the rights and obligations.

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