Electric scooters: the rules for safe circulation in the town of Ferrara

Maximum limit of 6 km per hour in pedestrian areas and 25 km per hour on roadways, the obligation of lights and reflective jackets or braces in hours of darkness, and prohibition of transporting other people, objects, or animals. These are some of the prescriptions for electric scooter drivers, valid in the town of Ferrara, which has been approved by the municipal council based on national legislation. The aim is to ensure that these vehicles are used in conditions of maximum safety both for the drivers themselves and for other road users.


The circulation and parking of “scooters with mainly electric propulsion”, clarifies the council, are “equivalent to that of cycles and therefore allowed in the same places”. The vehicles must have an electric motor with “continuous nominal power not exceeding 0.5 kW (500 watts)”; not be equipped with seats, as they are intended to be used with a standing posture; have a speed limiter, a bell, white or yellow front lights, and red lights and red rear reflectors.


Furthermore, drivers must be over 14 years of age and, if minors, they must use helmets. Further prescriptions envisage proceeding in a single row in all cases where traffic conditions require it, and in any case, never side by side in more than two; always hold the handlebar with both hands, except to signal the turning maneuver; and do not drive animals, tow vehicles, or be towed by another vehicle. In mixed cycle and pedestrian routes, the maximum speed allowed is 10 km per hour, while in cycle paths 20 km per hour.


In the event of violations of the rules of conduct, the administrative sanctions provided for by the Highway Code and other laws on the subject will be applied (law 27 December 2019, n.160, as amended by law 28 February 2020, n.8) with amounts that range from 50 to 800 euros and in some cases, the seizure of the vehicle is also foreseen.

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