Car accessories required for safety: which ones are recommended

When it comes to cars and especially driving, one of the main rules concerns the safety of both the driver and the passenger but above all also other vehicles and pedestrians.


The law, to enforce this fundamental factor, provides for the obligation to own a series of useful accessories in your vehicle.


Among these are:


The triangle,

The safety vests,

The snow chains,

The seat if you have children.

In addition to these accessories, the first aid kit, torches, battery cables, fire extinguishers can be useful, even if they are not mandatory.


In our site, you can find all these elements, so that your machine is safe and far from any danger.


Mandatory accessories

Among the mandatory accessories to bring in the car to ensure safety, there are first of all the triangle and the reflective jacket.


It is the Highway Code that underlines that the presence of these elements on board is fundamental and those who do not have them also risk obtaining a penalty.


As for the first, it is a red object to be placed outside the car in case there has been a rear-end collision or the car has stopped at a very dangerous point. it is about 40-50 cm tall and is made of fluorescent material, plastic, or metal.


The reflective jacket with reflective fabric is also very visible, which must be worn to signal your presence outside the car, and when there is little visibility.


Also important are the snow chains, which are no longer only recommended, but also mandatory to be kept in the car, from November 15th of each year until April 15th of the following year.


Alternatively, if the car has snow tires during this period, the chains may not even be present on board, if there are no roads where there will be snow.


If you have children on board, the seat must never be missing, very important for the safety of your child, who must be compliant and always present in the car. In addition to these accessories, there are some recommended ones.


Recommended accessories

As previously stated, it can be very useful to have a first aid kit in the car, but also torches, battery cables, fire extinguishers.


Among all, the cables will be of fundamental importance also because if the battery of your car turns off suddenly, the car will no longer turn on, and the cables can be a quick solution to adopt.


As for fire extinguishers, first of all, it is good to specify that there are various types, and those suitable for cars can be carbon dioxide.


Of course, there are many elements to think about to keep your car safe, also because the dangerous situations can be different and it is right to try to prevent them all.


In addition to this, you must never forget to omit the mandatory accessories in the vehicle, or you risk even heavy penalties, as well as the most serious thing: risking healthy.

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