2019 Safety Experience Day

Eumseong-gun held the “2019 Eumseong-gun Safety Experience Day” event to raise children’s safety awareness and prevent safety accidents at Seolseong Park, 10 am to 4 pm Deployed.


This event was attended by five organizations including related organizations such as Eumseong-gun, Korean Children’s Safety Foundation, Eomseong Fire Station, Korea Consumer Resource Center, and Eumseong-gun Volunteer Center, which are closely related to life, traffic safety, natural disaster safety, crime safety, and health safety. It was operated as a safety program for each field.


We conducted various safety experience programs such as escape, evacuation, and fire suppression, earthquake, wearing reflective vests and ship escape, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, natural disasters using VR devices, gas leakage check, and fire protection.


Through this day’s event, the safety experience centers were able to experience and learn the safety education that children in kindergarten, kindergarten, and elementary school children, who were difficult to use because they were remote, had to stay in the theory class.


Ryu Hong-Cheon, general manager of safety, said, “The young children who participated in the day will be able to save the lives of others as well as themselves by being able to deal with accidents they have learned from childhood.”

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