Reflective vests protect them in the dark

Reflective materials are a must for pedestrians today. The British can now protect hens in addition to themselves and their children. Modern reflective vests have begun to be customized.


The hens should not move on the road during the day, but you can hardly ban it. The worse it is at night when drivers almost do not have the chance to react to a small animal. Fortunately, there is a solution for the livestock owners, which, while making a smile, some people take it very seriously.


Exactly according to regulations

In the UK, in recent years, hens have not been buying only farmers, but they are also becoming a favorite pet, especially in large cities. And Omlet, which manufactures small chicken coopers and supplies for small breeders, has decided to extend its range of products to include reflective waistcoats.


“Why do we not know how often hens cross the road, but if they wear one of our vests, they will, in any case, comply with traffic regulations. When you change a bicycle on the road, your hens will be safe,” he enthusiastically buys a firm on his website.


The idea of producing safety elements did not arise spontaneously in the heads of the manufacturer but at the initiative of the customers. “People have asked us for such elements, so we decided to focus on this area,” says Johannes Paul, one of Omlet’s directors.


Special vests in two colors, yellow and pink, are available from the beginning of October. One vest comes to 12 pounds while buying two vests at one time offers a discounted price of 20 pounds.


Safety clothing has openings for wings and adjustable velcro closure. They are made of breathable material a material developed by NASA, has been used for the lining.


According to the manufacturer, hens protect not only from road traffic but also from inclement weather and small farm animals will stay clean and dry and warm. It is particularly suitable for poultry hens with fewer feathers and more sensitive to ambient temperatures.


However, the manufacturer recommends removing the suit for the night so that the hens do not overheat. It also does not recommend using it at high outdoor temperatures.


Of course, Jane Howorth of the British Hen Welfare Trust, which oversees the breeding of hens in the UK, is delighted with the clothes. “They are one of the more sensible things on the market. Since they were in demand, it turns out that people are starting to breed hens as their pets.” At the same time, he hopes that people will stop dressing hens in a knitted garment where they can become entangled.


After just ten days from the beginning of the sale, about two hundred customers have bought a vest over the Internet. For the time being, customers are clearly winning the 2: 1 ratio against the yellow.

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