Cobos proposes that reflective vests are mandatory

multi-color safety vest

The Mendoza legislator presented a project to make the wearing and use of reflective vests for motorists, motorcycles, and bicycles mandatory.

Senator Julio Cobos presented in the Senate a bill to make the wearing and use of reflective vests mandatory for drivers of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles; within the framework of the Traffic Law of the Argentine Republic.

The radical legislator explained that they seek to establish the obligation for motor vehicles of the carrying and use of reflective vest with reflective tape for drivers and any of its occupants, who must use it when descending from the car in cases of a road emergency when they must stop at unlicensed places. In the case of cyclists and motorcyclists, the obligation of use is also established whenever they are on board the vehicle.

The senator from Mendoza stressed that “it is important to take measures to improve road safety since in our country around 7,200 people die in traffic accidents a year. The use of the reflective vest with reflective material helps to reduce these figures, given that it is proven that more vision time implies a longer reaction time of the motorist. A person with the reflective vest on is visible from more than 150 meters and with high lights even from about 400 meters. ”

Finally, Cobos said that “international experience shows that wearing reflective vests is very important in road safety and that it helps to safeguard the lives and integrity of people.”

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