Bitter friction for cyclists. What the Road Code provides

cyclists reflective vest

After the roadside policeman’s story has become viral on the internet, we return with information on the obligations of cyclists circulating on public roads.

Thus, in the Road Code we have the following articles regarding bicyclists:

In order to drive a bicycle on public roads, the driver must be at least 14 years old.

Bicycles and mopeds circulating on public roads must be equipped with lighting and fluorescent reflective vests. It is forbidden to circulate them at night without these means and devices in working order.


In circulation on public roads, the bicycle shall be:

(a) fitted with an effective braking device;

(b) fitted with a suitable, functional steering system;

  1. c) equipped with a sound warning system; it is forbidden to equip and use the vehicle sound-warning systems;

(d) equipped with white or yellow light in front, and in the rear with red light and at least one visible, reflective, reflective device of the same color;

  1. e) equipped with elements or devices which, in motion, form a continuous, fluorescent, reflective orange circle fixed to the spokes of the wheels.

Article 15. – The trailer attached to a bicycle shall be equipped with a red reflecting device at the rear and if the rear light of the bicycle is obstructed by the trailer, it shall also be equipped with a light red color.

Art. 100. – Vehicles must be driven only on the roads, carriageways, bands or tracks established for the category to which they belong. If there are no bands or tracks for mopeds, bikes and other non-motorized vehicles on public roads, they can also be driven in the direction of walking, if the traffic can be done without danger.

Article 141 (6) Tractors, trailers, mopeds, bikes, machines and self-propelled machinery used in construction, agricultural or forestry work shall not be allowed to stand on the roadside during night time of vehicles with animal traction or those drawn or pushed by hand.

Article 142. – Voluntary stopping of vehicles is prohibited:

(k) on pedestrian and / or bicycle paths, or on bands reserved for certain categories of vehicles, signposted as such;

  1. o) on bike tracks;

Art. 160. – (1) Bicycles and mopeds, when traveling on the public road, must be run in only one row.

(3) If, in the direction of travel, there is a bicycle track marked as such, the drivers of the vehicles referred to in par. (1) are only required to run on this track. Traffic of other road users to the bicycle track is prohibited.

(4) It is recommended that the cyclist in the public road traffic wear the approved helmet.

Art. 161. – (1) Bicycle or moped drivers are prohibited:

  1. a) to travel on marked road sections with the indicator “Bicycle access”;
  2. b) learn to drive bicycles or mopeds on high-traffic roads;
  3. c) to walk on the sidewalks, unless they are equipped with special tracks for them;
  4. d) to move without holding at least one hand on the handlebars and both feet on the pedals;
  5. e) run in parallel, except when participating in organized sports competitions;
  6. f) to circulate while under the influence of alcohol, narcotic products or drugs or medications with similar effects;

(g) to hold on to a vehicle in running order or to be towed by another vehicle or pushed or pulled by a person in a vehicle;

  1. h) to transport another person except the child up to 7 years only if the vehicle is fitted with a special support and when the vehicle is built and / or equipped specifically for the transport of other persons;

(i) to run on the road in the same direction of travel if there is a lateral pathway, a trail or a practicable mantra that can be used;

  1. j) to move without wearing fluorescent – reflective clothing with reflective tapes, from leaving the evening until dawn or when visibility is reduced.

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