School Cars: yellow vests of discord

yellow vests of discord

While waiting to harmonize the five departments, the regional council decided to make the yellow vest mandatory in school buses. A decision that surprises among local elected officials.


Since 1 September 2017, school transportation is a competence of the regional council and no longer of the departments. A change of no consequence for students and families, with one exception, the yellow reflective vest that can be seen better at bus stops and roadside, especially in rural areas.


Provided in recent years by municipalities, communities of municipalities or the department as is the case in the Channel, the famous vest was managed disparately.


During the last season, the Region decided not to make it obligatory for children and teenagers taking the bus. Local elected officials were surprised and worried. This is the case of Antoine Aubry, mayor of Sainte-Suzanne-sur-Vire, south of Saint-Lô. About fifty of her young people are concerned: “Our kindergarten children who did not receive a vest with reflective fabric when they arrived at school have nothing at all. Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter. Even the driver has trouble understanding. And since he only has one extra vest… ”


Harmonize Normandy

In the Channel where the Department has been distributing jackets since 2014, we do not want to “comment on a decision of the Region”. At Manéo, the Channel transport service working for the Region, we try to clarify the situation at the request of the mayors: “The Channel was the only department to distribute and make mandatory the yellow vest. There is a work of harmonization to be done throughout Normandy. ”


For this year 2018-2019 which will be perhaps transitory, no distribution thus no obligation and no sanction “even if the vest is strongly advised”.


It’s up to families to buy one for each of their children. Manéo goes so far as to suggest supermarkets or specialized sports shops. Without indicating an average price.


“If the wearing of the vest with reflective tape or other retro-reflective device is to be advocated in the best interest of students,” says Mano, many mayors wonder why “the Region has not continued distribution” while reflecting on common practice for the five departments.


Solicited Thursday, September 27, the elected officials and services of the Region in charge of the file could not be reached. Antoine Aubry, he worries and alerts his colleagues. “If anything happens to the bus, like a breakdown, children will have to wait without a vest on the side of the road? “

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