Stay safe on the road! Remember about reflections!


In the current school year, students of the Primary School St. Francis from Assisi in Washbowl took part in the ninth edition of the Megalopolis Contest “Reflective School”, over which the honorary patronage was taken by the Megalopolis Curator of Education. For the seventh time, the school in Washbowl took part in this competition.

The program of competition activities at the school was very rich and attractive for children. It was aimed at making them aware of the necessity of knowing the rules of the road traffic, their consistent observance and in order to increase safety by the necessity of wearing reflective tapes.

Through various activities, preschoolers and students have consolidated and broadened their knowledge on road safety with particular emphasis on the problem of being visible on the road thanks to reflections.

In September, students of older classes during the annual “Autumn Elbow” festival presented contemporary dance … in reflective vests. After the performance, the girls attracted the attention of the participants of the festival to the necessity of wearing reflectors and to safely navigate the roadsides. In addition, the seniors present at the festival were given reflections.

The next event was “Reflective procession of kindergarten children”. Children dressed in reflective vests and carrying banners visited institutions operating in the Washbowl commune. They met with the commune administrator and gave him a reflection. The colorful reflective fabric¬†was also received by the head of GZOJ, manager of Bank Specialize, employees of the pharmacy, doctors, director of the Municipal Cultural Center, manager of the Municipal Public Library and the management of the school in Washbowl. Children also handed out reflections to passers-by.

As part of the competition, a meeting was held with police officers combined with a lecture on the subject of “Safe participation of children and adults in traffic.”

“Reflective Tuesday” was the next point promoting the wearing of reflectors. On this day, children and teachers walked around the school in their reflective vests, reminding the whole school community of the important duty of every pedestrian participant of the road of duty.

In each classroom, on the walls, there are newspapers promoting the subject matter of being visible on the road and having to wear reflectors for their own safety.

An innovative form of propagating security was the conduct of a rosary service in the church, which as part of extra-curricular activities prepared considerations of the rosary mysteries, drawing the attention of the faithful to the problem of safety on the road and praying for human life, road traffic participants, victims of road accidents, especially for disappearing on children’s roads. In addition, every adult got a reflex.

Parents participated in the competition activities, who, together with their children, made beautiful reflective kites.

Preschoolers did the work Fri “Reflective preschooler”. The children with their tutors dressed men from cardboard – girls and boys – in colorful, reflective clothing. The people in the windows of the school opposite the pedestrian crossing are reminded of pedestrians and drivers about the importance of being visible on the road.

As part of the cooperation with the Volunteer Fire Brigade, the children took part in a competition called by the firefighters “Be safe on the road.” They have done a lot of artistic work, mock-ups and posters on this subject with great commitment.

The students also took part in the “Reflective” action organized by PZU under the patronage of the Ministry of Education. The children did artworks about safe movement on the road with reflections, then photographed them and submitted them to the contest via the Internet. As part of this action, all students in grades I-III received glowing glare with blue Estrangement.

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