Leashes for dogs


Leashes for dogs, based on age and activities to do.

When we welcome a puppy at home, we have to think about different accessories that the new 4-legged companion needs. From bowls for food and water to games up to the collar and leash.

There are different types of leashes, suitable for any occasion and for different types of activities to do with the dog.

For the choice of a leash, it is important to first evaluate the size of the adult animal. It is also essential to remember that the puppy is lively and loves to play and sometimes tends to bite the leash.

The leash must be resistant, nylon and metal, they are the most suitable in this sense. While the length varies according to the size of the dog, remembering that in case of training of the puppy, a short leash is preferable. Some are reflective tapes.

Leash in nylon

The classic nylon leash is timeless. Useful for all situations, suitable for any type of dog, durable and of various lengths.

The extensible leash

It is a leash that has a lanyard that can be lengthened or shortened thanks to a mechanism activated by the owner of the dog. The length of the leash can thus be adjusted. Suitable for medium and small dogs and certainly for puppies that can be controlled even from a distance. There are also leashes of this type suitable for large dogs. However, it is useful to remember that by law the leash in public places must not exceed one and a half meters.

Leash for bikes

To bring the dog by bike there are different ways, among which the leash with reflective fabric, visible also of notes. The leash also has a part called “shock absorb” or more elastic to protect the dog from kickback in case it pulls.

Bike leash supports also exist on the market. It is a support that is inserted on the bicycle and that keeps the dog at the correct distance from the bicycle.

A traction belt with reflective material is a safe choice and is clearly visible at night.

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