They will hand out vests and reflective tapes


At the beginning of December, the Pomeranian Road Traffic Center distributed 500 car first-aid kits to drivers. Now, he is organizing another campaign aimed at increasing safety on the Pomeranian roads. PORD with the police support will equip several hundred pedestrians with reflective materials.

The winter period is a demanding and unpleasant time for both drivers and pedestrians. The days are short, the weather is capricious and the visibility on the road is poor. Therefore, the more we encourage pedestrians to wear reflective vests. A small thing, and it can save human life.

– We all know how important is the safety and visibility of the pedestrian in time from dusk to dawn. That is why we are constantly working to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians. This time, just before the winter holidays, before the rest of the children and young people from school, we will give out reflective vests and reflective tapes. Let’s be visible to drivers – Roman Noway, director of the Pomeranian Traffic Center in Gdansk, appeals.

The three-day action “Glassblowing w Mickie” will take place in six locations. In addition to Gdansk, Goiania, and Spot, reflections will also be given out in Reba, Rumba, and Kart. In total, PORD will distribute about 500 reflective elements.

– You will be able to meet us at selected pedestrian crossings. Our employees will give away vests and armbands, while policemen provide passers-by with valuable tips on how to improve road safety – he adds.

Below we present a list of locations where flares will be given out.

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