Movement much bigger with radiant vests


They want to make the construction safer with certified safety clothing that not only reflects but also radiates itself. But according to Philippe Versteeg of Smart2safe, the yellow vests movement can also benefit from their innovative vests.

What is innovative about a reflective vest?

“Our vests not only reflect, but they also fluoresce and phosphoresce. They offer safety at three levels. ”

Go ahead

“It is a complex physics story about the phenomenon of photoluminescence, but it comes down to the fact that the vests radiate the light that they catch during the day, at night.”

Like the luminous stars on the ceiling of the nursery?

“Exactly. That makes you much more visible. Even if you are not accidentally lit by a construction lamp or the headlight of a car. ”

Do not all the vests do that?

“Not as good as ours. This really goes a step further and is an innovation in the security industry. We bring reflective material┬ánot only on vests but also on jackets, pants, helmets. ”

Also in orange? Because the whole building has to be on the orange vests from this summer.

“Certainly. They have been tested and certified by the TV. ”


“Safety vests must meet European requirements to ensure visibility. Such as horizontal reflective tapes and vertical reflective tapes that run over the shoulders and a number of requirements. ”

You stay with whole supplies of unsold yellow vests

“There is still a market for that. In the energy sector, everyone still works with yellow vests and the safety people in the construction industry and the railways also remain dressed in yellow. That way they are immediately recognizable. ”

I would just take those yellow vests out the door.

“It is no longer such a big market as before. But we are a start-up. My partner and I both have a full-time job and Smart2safe we started next to it. We do not have any big stocks. ”

Give them away to the angry French citizens

“We really want to do something playful with this in order to draw attention to our product.”

In the Netherlands, it does not turn out of course with that yellow jacket movement.

“They also have to use phosphorescent vests, not those scraps with a shabby reflection strip.”

Yellow jacket-frontman Jan Dijkgraaf had to beg at the desk?

“We are still breeding for an action. You will see that the Dutch waistcoat movement suddenly has momentum. “

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