Without reflective elements, pedestrians can face up to two thousand fines


Reflective clothing elements can save lives. With the onset of autumn, the days are shorter and the night longer, the “dusk weather” is coming, and this is the time when there is an increasing number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. This is not because there are more on the roads but by the fact that they are not visible in road traffic under reduced visibility. Morning or afternoon fog, supported by fog or rain, is a nightmare for many drivers.

Pedestrians and cyclists are very vulnerable and are the weakest road users. Cars, motorbikes, and trucks have a very small chance.

According to the police spokeswoman of Marketa John for the non-fulfillment of the obligation stipulated by the amended Act, a blocked fine of up to two thousand Czech crowns can be imposed. “Seeing and be seen is the basic rule of road safety. Under reduced visibility doubles. Drivers who injured pedestrians agree that they have not seen it at all or too late,” says the spokesperson.

As early as February 2016, pedestrians were obliged to wear reflexive elements. “If a pedestrian goes out of the village in low visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place which is not illuminated by public lighting, he shall be obliged to wear retro-reflective vests positioned so as to be visible to other road users,” says John.

Visibility of pedestrians and cyclists can be enhanced by suitably selected clothing, patches and accessories from special materials. They are readily available and not at all expensive. They greatly increase visibility in the dark and in low visibility. “Blue clothing is visible at about 18 meters, red at 24 meters, yellow at 37 meters and white at 55 meters. But the best is, of course, reflective clothing with reflective fabric that the driver can register for up to 200 meters, “explains John.

Children are more vulnerable on the road than other pedestrians. They are less focused and cannot be well predicted or predicted. All the more important is to be on the road in the best possible way. Bright clothing, a school bag, and reflex add-on shoes make their day-to-day journey to school and school safer.

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