With yellow vest to school


All first-graders get safety vests for the way to school. In the Goethe primary school, they were distributed on Wednesday. The donor is the ADAC Foundation.

It was nice on Wednesday at the first graders of the flex and regular classes of the Goethe Primary School. They got neon yellow safety vests with reflective tape for clothing and reflectors for free.

“It is very important that you carry them every day on the way to school so that you will be seen from afar.” Said the police officer Lutz Lubbock at the handover of the safety vests to the children. Then he helped them try on and close. To make it easy for the children, there are Velcro straps on the vest. “Please also tell your parents that they want to see that you are wearing the vests,” the policeman told the children. “They help prevent accidents,” he added.

The numbers, which the police officer later called, made the children thoughtful. “Every 20 minutes a child under 15 is injured in road traffic in Germany,” said the police officer. Anyone wearing such a vest is already seen from a distance of 140 meters. For dark clothes, it is only 25 meters. With bright clothes, you can be seen from about 40 meters away. Not least, for this reason, the first-graders have been equipped since 2010 with the neon yellow safety vests. The ADAC Foundation makes them available. 750,000 vest are nationwide. Since 2010, a total of 5.3 million were handed out to first-graders in Germany.

“Just make sure” is the motto of the safety campaign with the children Frieda and Felix as leading figures and traffic detectives. You are also on the vest and reflect the light. Lutz Lubbock also appeals to the parents of the children to play it safe. There is no better protection, he says. Traditionally, at the beginning of the dark season, he comes to the elementary school to distribute the vest with reflective material.

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