1000 safety vests for children in Dormagen


Bright yellow deind the West, who Dormagener kindergartners in the traffic from now on should make more visible. As children on the road are all taller than adults due to their size, reflective clothing is said to help – made in the thundercloth season.


For this reason, the district association of workers’ welfare (Awo) donated now 1000 reflective vests for the day care centers in the Dormagener urban area. “We want to do something for the safety and health of children”, Gentle district chairman Johannes Adam Palm at the handover to the day care center “Farbenplanet” in Rheinfeld. “Dormagen is is the city in county area that Wirm outfits with Warnwest”, soft palm. But it should not stay that way, declared Awo district chairman: “In the other municipalities were the action continue.”


Anne Schmitt, director of the Dormagener, Awo meeting place on the Peace Road, was sent to West in the next few days to the respective institutions in Dormagen. Practically, the safety equipment is also equipped with a hood for protection for rain.All students can wear clothes with reflective fabric.In the Kitas all thanked Mayor Erik Lierenfeld cordially for the donation. “I’m giving you a nice motto very well”, soft there. The Awo has given her action the title “Little Lights”. Also de New Director of the Children and Youth Office of the City of Dormagen, Julia Stöcker, was of the Mount of lights in Rheinfeld with doing.

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