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Handing over safety vests for school beginners in Emmendingen, Malterdingen, Freiamt and Sexau.


Safety vests were on Tuesday for new schoolchildren in Emmendingen, Malterdingen, Freiamt, and Sexau. Why safety vests? With the safety vest which is made of the reflective fabric, the first graders are already visible from up to 140 meters – instead of only 25 meters in dark clothing. And also the youngest ones have to go to school in the dark again in autumn and often master their way there for the first time alone. It is not just the way to school that has become routine, ADAC believes: Wearing a safety vest for better visibility should also become a matter of course. According to expert estimates, the number of serious and fatal injuries to pedestrians and cyclists in road traffic could be reduced by 50 percent if it were possible to increase the visibility of these road users.


As part of the safety campaign for first graders, around 750,000 neon yellow safety vests will be sent to elementary schools this year under the motto “School insight: Kids in view”, where they will be distributed to first graders. Since the campaign began in 2010, over six million new schoolchildren have received their reflective vests with reflective materials. A successful project that arrives – and that really shows.


“First-graders always have to make it clear that they will be recognized by other road users much better and faster with a shining vest, so that they can react in time – that can save lives, of course only if the vest is worn,” says Alfred Haas from the ADAC local club Motor Sport Racing Team Freiamt and thus appeals to the parents, to attract children safety vest regularly.


The campaign is supported by Deutsche Post, which handles the entire logistics and free shipping of around 30,000 parcels throughout Germany.

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