Pupils took part in the “Reflective School” action


On the occasion of the Day of Pets, the pupils of the Primary School Students decided to take special care of their children – domestic animals: cats, dogs, rams, goats, and even cows. They encouraged the entire school community to purchase veterinary reflective materials for pets at veterinary clinics.


“A stepchild exemplifies Shining Reflectors have not only children! Our contribution is not just any animals here! ”


In the evening, you can get the impression that it is a village full of fireflies.


“Cats and dogs wearing reflective clothing with the reflective fabric are safer, and happier.” the students of the Stepchildren school say and add that the action brought the expected results and increased social awareness related to the safe movement of everyone, especially the youngest.


There was also a competition for the most interesting photo with his pet protected in a type of reflection – clip on the collar, brace, headband, reflective vest, keyring. The activities were accompanied by the slogans: “There is no more ignorance in the countryside. Our cats even shine! “,” Even a reflective cow! “. And for the dog, a slogan was invented: “Our dogs are reflective animals!” Children showed a special sensitivity to their animals, for their safe movement around the village.

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