The right way to school


Over the past four years, the school has updated reflective vests and helmets for cycling.


For nearly four years now, the Prevention, Citizenship and Access to Law Directorate has renewed the operation of fluorescent vests and bicycle helmets every year in schools. “All the actions that we are putting in place are preventive measures. The delivery of bicycle helmets and safety vests with reflective materials for the safety of schoolchildren is part of this. ” said the elected to safety Pierre Genii at the beginning of the school year.


Stressing that, moreover, 23 lines of pedestrians were put back into service in 2018. These lines of pedestrians are secure and are already, very frequented every school day. “Now families have to take ownership of this device, which is part of their civic sense and, as a bonus, is good for their health, and it is also a free means of transportation to bring children to school. In the morning and a good learning of the street and its danger. He also promotes social life through exchanges on the way to school “continued the elected.


Free neon vests with reflective tapes available

An action carried out in the spirit of an eco-mobility policy that the prevention, citizenship and access to the law department wishes to amplify in the city with the active participation of all citizens.


Finally, it should be noted that all schools in the city are now participating in this scheme. Every year, municipal police officers, specially trained for this purpose, in partnership with road safety officers, reinforce this preventive action by visiting elementary schools in the city to instill in children the essential principles of safety and security. Travel, whether pedestrian, bike, scooter… “We remind, in this new season, that the vests are freely available, the direction prevention citizenship and access to the right place of September 4 , to equip the children but also for the companions “punctuated the elected, encouraging young and old to participate a lot in this eco-citizen momentum.

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