High visibility vests for motorcycle

The Italian motorcycle-clothing firm Heike has launched the Tees model, which stands out for its functionality and price, within its range of high visibility motorcycle vests.


The reflective vests for motorcycles have become in recent years one of the high visibility clothing worn by motorcyclists. Oddly enough, many motorists go unnoticed by motorists and other users of public roads. The motorcyclist is one of the most fragile road users, along with cyclists and pedestrians, so there is little precaution. But this situation is accentuated when visibility conditions are low, such as fog, heavy rain or during the night hours.


That is why many brands have developed high visibility clothing and, above all, high visibility motorcycle vests, a way to increase our passive safety in an economical way. This new reflective motorcycle safety vest has been designed to protect the rider by making it much more visible to other drivers when the lighting conditions are poor or reduced on the road.


These high visibility vests for motorcycles are designed to be used on any garment or jacket, which increases the safety of the driver and does so at a very competitive price. This reflective motorcycle jacket is made of polyester and made of yellow fluorescent fabric and has reflective bands laminated on its surface. This model complies with the safety rules imposed in some European countries, which require motorists to wear high visibility garments on the road, having the approval of UNI regulations.


The model of Heike motorcycle reflective jacket is very light and can be folded very easily and stored in one of the pockets of the motorcycle jacket or pants. This model has a retail price of 37.30 Euros, including VAT, so its price is not an inconvenience to increase our safety on the bike wearing high visibility clothing

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