Reflective elements fall for living

We have autumn again. The dusk is rapidly falling, and unprotected traffic participants are not always visible to drivers. We urge children and adults to use reflective vest that improve safety and can even save lives.


In the autumn and winter time, the dark is rapidly falling, and the braking distance of vehicles is prolonged. If the pedestrian is wearing black and the rider is moving in a non-reflective, one-footer and does not have any reflective elements, the driver will be able to see them from 30 to 40 meters.


A reflective vest, band or other reflective element worn by a pedestrian will cause the driver to see it from a distance of about 120 – 160 meters, and if the driver uses long lights, it is even 1000 meters. Therefore – it has time to slow down or make another safe maneuver.


As every year, Latino policemen are taking action to make the children’s holiday amused by the busy roads available to them. Police officers monitor the sobriety of drivers carrying children, monitor school grounds with particular attention to the correct placement of traffic signs.


Let us remember!!!

Reflectors are recommended to be placed at the height of the knee, the hand in the center of the chest and back – then we will be sure that they are clearly visible to other road users.

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