Do not wear a reflective vest? You have a mandate

This mandate method with safety vest takes on a special dimension in the context of the protection of the life and health of pedestrians and cyclists. On the road they are the least protected, and in the case of road accidents with their participation are the most likely tragic consequences.

In 2015 on the Polish roads killed and wounded were 8 398 pedestrians. This figure is lower by 404 than in 2013, but in European statistics we are in three of the countries with the highest pedestrian prevalence rate for all accident victims. Romania and Latvia have the highest rates in Europe – 40% and Poland – 35%. The EU average is 22%, which means that every fourth casualty is walking.

Due to this situation, different actions are taken to improve pedestrian safety. One of them is the introduction of the use of reflectors as pedestrian equipment moving from dusk to dawn outside the built-up area. This provision entered into force on 31 August 2014. Dismissed from glare we are only in a situation when we move outside the area built on the road only for pedestrians or on the sidewalk.

Reflective tape is an example of how small equipment can improve our safety. Without it, the driver will not be able to see the pedestrian only about 30 meters away. This distance will be even smaller if it is raining or snowing. Remember that a distance of 30 meters gives you little chance of a proper driver response.

Assuming the average response time of the driver is 1 second, the driver traveling outside the built-up area at a speed of 90 km / h over 25 meters before taking action. In the event of a collision of a man with a car traveling at a speed of over 70 km / h, man has no chance of survival.

– Reflecting will cause the driver to notice the pedestrian from a distance of about 130 meters. This will allow time to take appropriate action. When using reflectors, be sure to attach them to places that are clearly visible to the driver. I encourage you to use a few glare. According to research, the best sign is the one that shows the movement of man. For example, we can mark hands and feet at knee height, because this way we will be even more recognizable to drivers – explains Radios, instructor Skoda Auto School.

The lack of reflective is punishable up to 100 zł, and its purchase should be treated as an investment in its security. Let’s not confine ourselves to the situations described by the regulations, because the reflection can save lives also in the city, on a poorly lit road. Also remember to have a reflective vest in your car and if we leave the car, let’s put it on. True, it is not required by law, but no one free us from thinking and taking care of our safety. Let’s see, we use glare.

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