Tape for reflective signals did not work on bumps

The reflective tape applied two weeks ago on the four painted yellow highlights that exist along the Fourth Avenue, did not meet the expectations of the Department of Transit and Transportation (DATT) or the drivers who usually use that important route.


With the tapes, called Starmark, a pilot test was installed in the ‘policemen lying down’ Fourth Avenue to ensure their visibility, believing also that this product ensured the durability in road signaling for these speed reducers.

Five years was the guarantee provided by the multinational manufacturer and distributor 3M for Starmark, the anti-slip adhesive tape by reflective material, but in these highlights did not last 7 days, as they were detached from the yellow surface to which they were attached?


According to the DATT, poor results are due to the moisture in the ledge. Also rainwater and salty water (when the tide rises) soaking in the road would have influenced the wheels of the carts to remove the tape quickly. “The weather conditions did not help much because the day we put the tape rained and since then the bumps have been kept moist, which helps the tape to take off,” explains José Molina, Communications DATT.


“This signaling mechanism should work, but in dry places. In Mange the reflective strip Starmark should be fixed to the pavement rather than the ledge, to avoid what happened, “he adds. For now, the DATT is studying this case in search of a good and durable alternative road sign for the ‘lying down police’.

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