The amendment to the law orders wearing reflective vests

The amendment to the law of the Ministry of Transport foresees the obligation of reflective vests for pedestrians.


The amendment to the law of the Ministry of Transport affects pedestrians, whose safety is on the roads, and especially at night, constantly threatened. However, it cannot be said that only cars could be worth it. Occasionally, thanks to dark clothing, pedestrians are virtually invisible, which should solve the obligation to wear reflective vests or strips.


However, according to the server, there is no need to worry that we would have to go in the reflective safety vest constantly. A similar proposal has already been on the table once, and the citizens have met a wave of outrage.


According to the head, Tomas’s transport shelf should be enough to meet the obligation for the pedestrian to have a visually positioned reflective belt on his right hand. The duty to wear would only apply in areas that are not illuminated by street lamps, which makes the situation much easier. It should be noted that more than half of last year’s fatal accident with pedestrians occurred at night.


The amendment to the law, currently being prepared by the Ministry of Transport in cooperation with the police, should start to apply from this autumn. This is one of the most risky periods of the year; a reflective material will be good help for safety.

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