Riding with reflective equipment is necessary in winter

reflective jacket

Winter is coming, the outdoor condition become dark now, it is not only important to see as a cyclist, but to also be seen. To ensure safety, the press-bike has looked for ideas that provide enlightenment.

It is an irony of history that still obligatory pedal reflectors in 1937 required, among other things, to purge the Nazis money into the coffers. The patent for the time used “Tolo-Tretstrahler” held a former chauffeur Hitler. Who created them and sold, royalties to the Anton Loibl GmbH had to pay – majority owned the SS, for the quite reasonable novelty turned out to be surprisingly lucrative business.

Notwithstanding this inglorious past increase reflectors indisputably the visibility and therefore the safety of cyclists. In addition to retro-reflectors, like the Moto “Reflex Pedal” (55 euro) – though according to the motto “better than nothing” not entirely rule compliant – be interpreted modern, therefore a side radiating passive lighting on the running wheels as required by the StVZO, as acting as the front and rear reflectors; it also the abolition of duty Dynamo nothing has changed!

Who is very different is the thought to clamp objects between his spokes man fortunately and quite legally have recourse to an alternative to the spokes reflectors commonly known as “cat’s eyes”: “are with us almost as standard all Tour tires with reflective stripes or in the boarding area optional “remarked Doris Kbyte of Schwab. Also in the sporty range and spiked tires, there are corresponding models.

Two birds with one stone in a similar manner headlights and taillights with integrated reflectors that are offered even when the battery-powered versions. While the front only a reflector is needed, the SUVs require at the rear next to large reflectors with Z-Approved second passive optical dispensers. “Taillights Suits are available in two sizes – while Porter taillights often have the Z-, fender taillights, however the mostly small additional reflectors,” explains Sebastian Bottling from lighting specialists Busch.

Thanks reflective vest, cyclists can provide presence, of course, about the legal framework. More space for reflectors provides the upper body, the flyer with his “Dark Jacket” (49 Euros), a fluorescent signal vest, becomes the focus of attention. Not only priced a few floors below the other hand, the reflector strips of drivers Berlin to be proud of (from 14 Euros). But even during the day you can see so well, because each of the colorful bands is unique and holds the pant legs clean.

Especially handy is cycling clothing with reflective elements, because it is worn as opposed to accessories anyway. However, is not useful, but look chic clothes generally. When “Tirana Padded Jacket” by Valued (150 Euros) therefore reflective material is incorporated as part of the cable pattern in the knitted jacket and revealed only in the dark its proper destination. Similarly subtly adopt its recently the “High Visibility” -Taschenlinie by Ortlieb. Among the past, even during the day flashy models in neon yellow are joined by solid black versions, which are also completely covered with reflective yarn, but much more discrete ensure visibility. Without further ado, even to the design element on the other hand makes Seller Royal, the reflective material at the “Saddle Bag” (16.90 Euros); in diagonal stripes it graces the back of the bag, which can be clipping on to a handle to the saddles of the Italians.

Actually, of course, are reflective elements in a child carrier, puts the emphasis on safety. The company Crooner remains no longer purely passive. Your developed in collaboration with Busch + Muller light for the handlebar radiates not only red to the rear, but has white LEDs, which are positioned so that they also illuminate the reflective tape on the trailer and make the dimensions of the vehicle visible. Active to safety in urban traffic also Brampton endeavor. The Faltradhersteller showed on the Euro Bike prototypes with a finish that will light up when it is energized. A little one will be indeed have to wait patiently, but by early 2017 the London want to bring the development to the production stage.

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