Reflective band and safety vest are important to cyclists

segmented reflective tape

Sergeant Manuel Antonio Fernandez Longer (A Corunna, 1975) spent seven years in Corcubion and three at the head of the Traffic Department, one of whose functions cares for the safety of cyclists with reflective bands appointments as of this weekend, the Gran Fond Zero and gives Biking Day Cue. In your particular case, and knows how they work and be at street level on tasks.

Is it true the feeling that every day there are more bikes on the roads of the region?

Yes, the fans have increased a lot, I think, primarily by the impact in the arrival of the Tour of Spain. To this must be added the increasingly large volume of pilgrims we receive, many of whom come here by bicycle.

What risks them face and how they try to alleviate them?

We try to enhance surveillance in ways that we know have more traffic by these users and are always studying which are the most common routes. For them, fortunately, most of the road passes through many tracks and unpaved sections. However, we also have some points, and between the shelters and the factory where they have to go down the road and here the problem is often the lack of adequate shoulders.

Have these alleged serious accidents recently?

As for cyclists, and touch wood, no, fortunately. The worst since I’ve been here was that of a child of Maxi, who died in 2011. Overall loss ratio has been greatly reduced and we do everything possible to do so. As for the road, the most serious was a hit across in Umbria.

This weekend they face a double rider appointment. How the face?

The Zero and Gran Fond Bike Day gives Cue appointments are very different, especially the magnitude and distance, but in collaboration with organizations try everything goes well.

What difficulties have the Gran Fond, in terms of safety?

It’s unlike anything, because it is a test cyclist not competitive and therefore not closed to traffic routes through which flows. In any case, last year was about 400 and this year will be about 1,000. Obviously this is a very large number of cyclists in safety vest and challenging organization. We will have the support of fellow A Corunna and Santiago, mostly. In addition, we also support with local police and Civil Protection. In fact, we just had a meeting to adjust things.

In a competition the circulation is cut off and the group is more or less compact. Here, much it is stretched and there is a great divide. It is therefore important time, because in the last two editions it rained a lot and when we stopped at the front to group cooled.

It’s different, easier. The distance is shorter, the slower speed. It is everything with a more relaxed pace and is quieter.

What safety measures should not have taken the experience and start with the bike?

‘First, driving on the shoulder if any, and is passable. It is not as close as possible to the road outside. Wearing clothes and adequate visible day protection, at night, lights front and rear position and clothing and reflective elements. On the bike the most important thing is to know that we are especially weak compared to other vehicles and therefore must always be very aware, to anticipate what happens on the road, to anticipate the circumstances that may arise on the road.

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