New amendment imposes the necessity of safety vest

reflective clothing

The law could allow cyclists while driving up to half mile of alcohol in the blood. It is an amendment that, for example, regulates the conditions for the ride SEGWAY imposes an obligation of pedestrians to wear reflective safety vests in poor visibility conditions. Again, there was a proposal to increase the speed limit on the motorways of 150 km / h.

Currently law alcohol before and management tolerated. Junk proposal provoked extensive debate, opponents also find the satanic. The discussion then opposed it Transport Minister Dan flux (YES) or the Director of the Traffic Police Thomas Larch.

MP defends his example that is common in many European countries, or the fact that on a number of cycle paths cyclists can enjoy refreshments, including alcohol, such as wine on the wine trails.

With Junk but disagreed as traffic expert Stanislaw Hum (CSSD). He warned, among other things that reduce alcohol concentration while driving. Conversely, former Minister of Transport Beenak Stanjura (ODS) Junk proposal described as reasonable. He suggested if he would be zero tolerance for alcohol should also apply to pedestrians.

ODS deputy Ivan Adage again proposed changing the law so that on some highways could travel at speeds up to 150 km / h. Deputies had once put his proposal into an amendment to the law on the road, but the Senate rejected it, and the House then went on his proposal. It would be motorway sections, where conditions permit.

The Economic Committee recommended to the Act to insert your treatment cycle zones. Would be marked by road signs and also cyclists should they allowed to enter a vehicle marked on labels. Cyclists in the zones would not have to ride just behind as they now required by law when traveling in dedicated lanes or when driving along the bike path.

The Act also has to ensure that pedestrians were more visible. Pedestrians by tape or other elements of a reflective tape should wear whenever the road travel at reduced visibility, thus for example in fog or at night.

Martin Novelty (ODS) proposed that obligation amendment deleted. According to Hula might not have pedestrian’s reflective elements if they should carry a flashlight?

Operation SEGWAY should generally be permitted, but the municipality will be able to ban traffic sign. Traffic restrictions on municipalities by the Ministry of Transport represent a compromise solution balancing the interests of the government and pedestrians and less restrictive interests of operator’s carts. General ban law that would supposedly almost completely prevented the operation of these rovers.

Jeri Kobuk (TOP 09 and Mayors) wants a Seaway riders had to wear reflective vests. Transport Minister Dan Wok said the Ministry with the fundamental problem is not.

The present amendment also imposes the duty to clean vehicles from frost or ice. But it will not affect the normal frost on the vehicle. The amendment also proposes to withhold the certificate of registration of a motor vehicle, called. Small technical certificate police found the car when checking or clarification of traffic accidents dangerous defect. The policeman will have to indicate what fault because the certificate held.

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